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GTA5-Mods convert to FiveM resources tool

Welcome to use ZeroDream Mod convert tool, this tool is develop by Akkariin.

The FiveM resource files will download automatically after the mods convert finished.

The converted resources will delete after 10 minutes.

Start Converting

Enter your link here and click the convert button.

Currently only support and ZeroDream Files links.

For ZeroDream Files link, you should input the link like "", only zip/rar file can be convert.

Tips: Only vehicles and maps (ymap/addons map, not Map Editor or Menyoo) can convert.

The large .ytd file (> 16MB) will split to multiple parts automatically. So you don't need to split it yourself now.

The max size of the mods can convert is 300MB.

Convert Status

You should click the convert button first

Tampermonkey Script

The Tampermonkey script is available now! After installing this script, you can click the button on the mods detail page and download quickly.

Download on Github Gist:

Report Error

If you find some mods cannot convert, please report the error to me.

Email: the # with @) / Discord:

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